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about adolescence, anxiety and heavy riffs

Today's nominations begin with a teen indie rock band that already inspires a generation: Kingdom All Stars. Then we have Brazilian bands for lovers of alternative bands with sad songs: Bella e Olmo da Bruxa and O Último Banco do Bar. Finally: MAPLEHEAD for those looking for energetic rock to get their minds off the ground.

⚡️Let's go:

1) Whisper - Kingdom All Stars

Whisper is a teen rock single and was written by brothers Zane and Macey, who despite still being in school delivered a powerful message about a very shy young woman who breaks free and reaches the top! The band is just starting out and already has several awards and participation in festivals like the DoGood Festival.

Listen now:


2) Ventos do Norte (Terral) - Bella e o Olmo da Bruxa

The band from Rio Grande do Sul was a pleasant discovery around here, Ventos do Norte is an unexpected song, it has that sad rock vibe with a dream pop touch, the song just flows and it's already on repeat around here. The clip is very spontaneous and great for getting to know the band! Listen now:


3) Entre Vidas - O Último Banco do Bar

The single Entre Vidas is part of the band's first album, which will be released in March. The song reports a very common problem in the current generation of young adults and that brings tremendous damage to a person's life. Anxiety that is imposed on us for a success that is not always satisfactory, the allusion of running to win and not see the beauty of the path.

a little bit of lyrics:

"Não sai assim

Jogando pelos cantos as promessas

Debocha e diz que é pressa

E fuja da conversa outra vez"

- Entre Vidas (O último banco do bar)


4) Moving to Canada - MAPLEHEAD

Energetic melody, guitar and heavy riffs: everything I need in a rock song. That's MAPLEHEAD and Moving to Canada is the band's second single.


⚡️E aí, põe na playlist?
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