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about space adventures, an indie rock and folk punk (that's right)

For today we have a space trip with Casper Caan, a lively pop and wonderful instrumental. Followed by indie rock from Low Fantasy, ending with folk punk from Anv Hysteria.

⚡️Let's go:

1) Keep This to Myself - CASPER CAAN

Casper Caan released his newest single "Keep This to Myself", the single has a catchy melody and cheerful instrumental, features piano, percussion and brass. It's a pop with a lively and striking beat.

All this fun vibe was illustrated in the clip made in animation about the adventures of a space sergeant! The clip - released 2 months ago - has already accumulated 180,000 views. Watch now:


2) Piece By Piece - LOW FANTASY

The band's debut single, Piece By Piece is a fun and dynamic indie rock track. The song starts with lively drums and a danceable rhythm. The band wanted to give a beachy and minimalist touch to indie rock, I confess that they won me over! Listen now:


3) Una Bala En Mi Cabeza - ANV HYSTERIA

Anv Hysteria created a mix of Folk, Hardcore and Punk!

With just an acoustic guitar as a base and a noisy harmonica that accompanies an energetic, moving and melancholic voice. Thus, Anv takes us through different soundscapes accompanied by various musical and interpretive nuances, thus transmitting a raw, visceral, honest and at the same time personal message.

⚡️E aí, põe na playlist?
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